Welcome Back, OLLU! ACE’s Spring 2018 Schedules Coming Soon!

by Sabrina

Back to School is here!

The Spring 2018 semester starts on Jan. 16th, and so does the MFD Writing Center Spring 2018 schedule.

Go to http://www.ollusa.mywconline.com, register for an account using your OLLU email address (if you have not already done so), and then embrace the power to schedule sessions with consultants whenever you want!

Also, our Tutoring/Math Centers schedule will be available starting Monday Jan. 22nd. History, Spanish, Psychology (including Stats), Probability & Statistics, and Math are just some of the subjects for which we will have tutors available.

As always, we welcome our OLLU students, staff, faculty, and alumni to visit ACE anytime! Library First Floor (101) in the big glass room.

Let’s make Spring 2018 a semester of success! Onward and Upward!



Word Nerd Wednesdays

by Kristi R. Johnson

Happy end of the fall semester word nerds! You made it to the final week of what many consider to be the hardest semester for college students. Although, let’s face it, at times spring semester is no picnic either.

I hope everyone is able to enjoy a restful break. And if you’re looking for some books to help fill your time, and you have an inclination towards fantasy and/or YA, may I recommend the first two books in Traci Chee’s Sea of Ink and Gold series. Both The Reader and The Speaker explore a world where reading is a skill only a few have, and books and stories hold tremendous power. In other words, it is a place where word nerds run things and their power is sought for both good and evil. Fascinating stuff.

Happy Holidays!

Word Nerd Wednesdays

by Kristi R. Johnson

Tonight is StudyCon for students at the San Antonio campus of Our Lady of the Lake University. With finals coming up and the end of the Fall semester within reach, the Academic Center for Excellence will have food, games, course workshops, and therapy dogs (yes, dogs…as in four-legged animals with fur) set-up in the library to help students unwind and stay sane during this difficult time. And of course, there will still be a space for studying and tutors/consultants available…it is the library after all.

I am here to announce the first-ever StudyCon book raffle and giveaway. Five popular books published in 2017 will be raffled off to students at the event. Just be sure to show up and submit your name for whichever titles you would like. Most likely there will be a limit as to how many titles one person can win, but you must stop by at some point and submit your name to even be considered.

This year, the five books will be The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas (YA), When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon (YA), Miles Morales by Jason Reynolds (YA), You Are Here by Jenny Lawson (nonfiction), and Born a Crime by Trevor Noah (memoir). Technically that last one was published in late 2016, but it is so good I figured I would include it anyway.

And before you ask, yes, I handpicked these myself. I have read and featured four of them on my book blog (with Miles Morales being the exception) for good reason; any one of them would make a great end-of-year present.

StudyCon is Here!! 11/29 from 6-11pm. Library 1st Floor #StudyConOLLU

If you are on campus on Wed. 11/29, come by StudyCon from 6-11 pm on the first floor of the Library. Therapy Dogs will be in the house! Food, games, movies, and more!!

Get your Green All-Access Wristband for complete event access,
and entry into the Raffle!

Public Flyer 1 BBGlow FINAL Fall 2017

Word Nerd Wednesdays

by Kristi R. Johnson

Random question word nerds: weren’t vikings just pirates by another name?

I am currently reading The Sagas of Icelanders (go ahead and roll your eyes if you must, I’ll allow it), and there are a lot of vikings doing quite a bit of raiding, pillaging, drinking, and fighting. If Johnny Depp has taught me anything, it is that pirates often did that exact same thing. Actually, that is all they did.

But turns out, there is a difference between vikings and pirates, and it is more than simply a trick of geography and history. While vikings could have certainly fallen into the pirate category, they did more than raid and pillage. They were also involved in trading and warfare. Pirates, on the other hand, were all about robbery and acts of violence.

So there you go.

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