Faculty and Staff Participate in the 2017 #OLLUShowcase

by Sabrina

Have you ever wondered what faculty and staff do after the semester ends? 

Well, the semester may end but the work doesn’t. Before a semester even ends, faculty and staff are already looking to the future. 

Over the course of Wednesday, May 17 and Thursday, May 18, faculty and staff participated in the 2017 Teaching Learning Technology Showcase, with this year’s theme as “Together We Rise.” 

During the showcase, faculty and staff present on topics like classroom technology and course development, and participate in discussions about the evolution of the university. 

Next week, we will feature an interview with our hosts and organizers of the showcase. 

Stay tuned, readers! 

Happy Writing! 

Word Nerd Wednesdays

by Kristi R. Johnson

From The Simpsons episode, “Bart of Darkness”

Well my dear word nerds, it has come to this. Summer has arrived and it is time for the WNW to take a much-needed break.

Sometime at the beginning of the fall semester I will return with my 2017 edition of “My Summer in Books.” While I never really know what I will end up reading throughout May, June, July, and August, I am fairly certain this summer will include Paula Hawkins’ Into the Water, as well as Sarah Dessen’s Once and for All. Who knows which books will end up filling in the gaps.

Happy Summer!

Congratulations Graduates!

by Sabrina Z. 

We at The Academic Center for Excellence would like to congratulate all of the May 2017 graduates.

We would especially like to congratulate our five Peer Tutors, Jordan, Michelle, Monique, Baudelia, and Dalia, who are all moving forward to graduate schools and careers. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and hard work with your university community members as tutors. We in ACE, especially me, will miss you. Thank you for honoring us with the chance to know you and be witness to the amazing things you have done.

To all OLLU graduates, good luck and congrats! May The Force Be With You All!!

Onward & Upward!!

Word Nerd Wednesdays

by Kristi R. Johnson

This post was brought to you by pure frustration.

So, this whole showing possession for names that end with an ‘s’ has always been hard for me. Between the two examples below, I have always had the hardest time picking which one is correct.

Ex #1: Dr. Williams’ meetings were always interesting and engaging.

Ex #2: Dr. Williams’s meetings were always interesting and engaging.

But good news word nerds! Looks like the grammar police have given in, and both are now acceptable. The first one sounds better when spoken, while the second one used to be the only acceptable way…I think. Again, I was never really clear on what the rule actually was.

So what about these two?

Ex #1: The walrus’ tusks were longer than I thought they would be.

Ex #2: The walrus’s tusks were longer than I thought they would be.

Again, both are allowed. It used to be that the first sentence was wrong, but no longer! Be free word nerds to do away with that extra ‘s.’


But what about that always annoying plural-possessive noun?

Ex: The students’ displeasure with the amount of reading on the syllabus was obvious to the instructor.

Yep, no extra ‘s’ here either.

Feel better? I certainly do. That is until I attempt to write something and my brain refuses to recall any of this information. Trust me, it will happen.

Word Nerd Wednesdays

by Kristi R. Johnson

Use (verb) – take, hold, or deploy (something) as a means of accomplishing a purpose or achieving a result; employ.

Utilize (verb) – make practical and effective use of.

Different words, and even different definitions, but they are interchangeable and essentially mean the same thing.

“YouTube is often used for its instructional videos on various subjects.”

“YouTube is often utilized for its instructional videos on various subjects.”

See what I mean?

The smaller word – use – actually has a few more…uh…uses (I am so sorry. The WNW deserves better…).

  1. (verb) describing an action or state of affairs that was done repeatedly or existed for a period in the past.

“The house used to be abandoned.”

2.  (noun) the action of using something or the state of being used for some purpose.

“A staff member must be present when the student center is in use.”

Thanks for taking the time to nerd out with me over an often overlooked word. ‘Till next time.

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