By Sabrina C. Zertuche

This week, thousands upon thousands of people are heading to San Diego for the International Comic Con. Fans of comic books and all things geek are gathering for panels, autograph sessions, and many hours waiting in line. But if you love it, it is worth the wait.

I ventured to Int. Comic Con in 2010. It was an experience I will never forget. Though this con has moved more toward mainstream entertainment and major motion picture press junkets, there are a gaggle of other cons that may be more to your suiting. I believe everyone should experience a comic con at least once.

To get back on topic, I pose the question “Have you ever read a comic book?” Not everyone finds comic books entertaining, but comics are a literary art form that helps ignite the imagination to envision the impossible. And some are pretty cool. There is a comic for all interests.

If you enjoy superheroes, there are many different Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman story lines that you can follow.

If you like science fiction, there are many independent companies that publish science fiction comics and graphic novels. One of my favorites is the ongoing Star Wars series that is currently published by Dark Horse comics. The story picks up right after Episode IV: A New Hope and fills in the many adventure of our heroes between films. A new issue is published once a month.

Archie Comics publishes many single issue and digest comics every month. These stories classically capture the hi-jinks of red-headed teenager Archie and his friends.

If you like the bad guys or girls, DC Comics publishes several lines through the New 52 universe, including solo stories for The Joker and (one of my favorites) Harley Quinn.

For those of you who love classic literature, Marvel Comics has published graphic novel collections of Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.

If you are interested in trying your hand at comic books, visit your local comic book shop and browse the long boxes, or ask for a recommendation from the staff. You might just find something you really enjoy.

Sabrina C. Zertuche is a double alumna of OLLU. She received her Bachelor of Arts [English and Communication Arts: Cinema Studies] in 2007, followed by a Master of Arts degree in Literature in 2009. As a long time Fantasist, her research has focused on Fantasy Literature, Fairy Tales, and Digital Media (film, television, video gaming, comic books, etc.). She has presented on similar topics at the OLLU Literary Festival for the past two years.  Sabrina is also a screenwriter, poet, creative writer, and Jedi.
She currently works as a Writing Consultant at the OLLU Mary Francine Danis Writing Center (MFDWC).


4 thoughts on “Celebrating Pop Culture

  1. Hi Sabrina, I was going to say I was not a big fan of comics; however, I realized that growing up, my cousin would pass on his already read Archie comics to my sisters and me. I was very young, but I loved to read them. The funny thing is that they were in English, and at the time I’d read them, I was still living in Mexico and learning the language. In retrospective, I truly believe those comic books helped me internalize the language.

    Having said that, I’m more of a manga fan. I don’t read them often either because in general, I’m more of a word kind of gal. The pictures distract me… LOL. Some titles I do have: Sailor Moon, Read or Die, Princess Knight.

    I follow DC through the animated series which I think are excellent and MARVEL through the movies. The rest of my knowledge I pick up here and there.

  2. I used to be a big fan of comics. But the constant retcons and yearly crossovers got to me. I especially loathe the New 52 changes that came after Flashpoint. DC being in insistent on shoving Cyborg in our faces as an A+ Leaguer when he’s a B+ Titan at best is especially annoying. I’ll probably never get back into comics like I used to be in my teens, but there’s still plenty out there to like: merchandise, figures, apparel, and more.

  3. The crossovers and multiple variants are confusing. DC tends to write too much for some of their leading characters. I usually pick one story line for a particular character and stick with that one. I read one or two titles from DC, but I have mostly been a Marvel fan for most of my life. I am a huge Star Wars fans, so I side more toward Dark Horse comics (who unfortunately lost the Star Wars titles to Marvel since Disney now owns the world). Thanks for reading.

  4. Comics are by far one of my favorite kinds of reading material. When I was little, my brother and I followed the Sonic the Hedgehog series religiously as well as Spiderman. To this day, I am sill a big fan of comics especially those by Marvel (no offense to DC). As I got older, I got into manga with my favorites being One Piece and Bleach. I am also a big fan of The Walking Dead series! However, I will say I enjoy the comics MUCH more than the TV series. Just doesn’t compare but then again, TV and movie versions of comics rarely do. As time has gone by, I still read comics but wait until the individual comics are combined into a graphic novel. One of the downfalls of individual comics is that they are quite expensive nowadays. Nonetheless, I’m not sure if I’ll outgrow reading comic books or manga. Great article!

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