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APA Online Tutorial from the OLLU Sultenfuss Library

by Sabrina C. Zertuche

OLLU Library APA Online Tutorial

The above link takes you to an online APA video tutorial created by the OLLU Reference Librarians. This tutorial covers every part of APA formatting, including creation of the Title page and References page.

Check it out when you are having some problems with APA, or need a little refresher about in-text citations.

The link can also be found in the Resources menu along the left side of our blog main page, right under the link to WC Online (for making appointments when you need them. Remember, it is better to make an appointment and cancel if not needed, then to try to get a spot when we are all booked up. Come in before deadlines!).

So, the next time you grumble about going to the library, remember that the OLLU Librarians are always thinking about our students.

Happy Writing To You All!



APA In-Text Citations Chart

by Sabrina C. Zertuche

The APA Manual is a labyrinth of information that often sends students running as if the Minotaur was on their heels!

But, there are some sections that provide solid and necessary information for those writers using APA format.

On page 177 of the manual, writers can find a chart that breaks down the two types of in-text citation format, in-text and parenthetical in-text. Yes, those are two different styles of citations.

Rather than asking you to find an APA manual and open it up to that page, we are embedding a PDF. of that chart in this post.

Click here APA In-text citations chart pg 177 in APA Manual and you can save or print the chart for future use.

Pay attention to punctuation in the citation, as well as making sure you have all of the correct information for the source.

If you need some additional help with APA, make an appointment with the MFDWC for an APA Crash Course.

Happy Writing To You All!!

APA References

by Sabrina C. Zertuche

Salutations, Friends!

Have you ever struggled with writing that APA reference for a paper? Looked at the APA Manual and decided that it would be better for fire-kindling than helping you with references?

Good News!

The OLLU Library has created and supplied us with an APA References Guide that provides a multitude of examples for citing books, journals, websites, and even Twitter!


This guide is current and is a great companion to our other APA handouts that can be found on this blog.

APA is a structured and exact formatting, and with some time, one can learn to navigate it.

Remember, if you have any questions or concerns with the writing process or formatting, check on WC Online and make an appointment with a consultant.

Happy Writing To You All!


APA Headings

By Sabrina C. Zertuche

Good Morning!

Our new writing consultant, Scott Escalante, put together this great handout that explains APA Headings.

If your professor mentions headings for your next APA paper, check out this handout for tips on how to place and format those headings within your paper.

Remember, if you have any questions about this topic or any other part of the writing process, go to and make an appointment with us to discuss your paper.**

Click on the link below to print or save this document for future use:

APA Headings Handout

**For help with registering your profile on WC Online, see our category “WC Online” [in the left side navigation menu on the screen] for instructional YouTube videos on how to register your profile, schedule appointments, etc.

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APA In-text and Parenthetical Citations

To those who have never used APA format before, it can seem like quite a chore.

However, correct in-text and parenthetical citations are necessary to give credit for any work that is not your own. Giving credit to those authors we use to support our own writing shows respect to the original creators and their work, and it shows that you are a responsible and respectable writer of your own accord.

In-text and parenthetical citations are two different methods for citing work in the text of the paper.

The following handout was created by our very own Jason Martinez. This helpful tool models the different ways you can introduce and give credit to authors in your paper.

If you are using APA format, I highly recommend that you look at this handout and download a copy for yourself to use whenever you are writing a paper.

Crash Course in APA Citations