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Information and news about the Math/SI Center at ACE. Under the leadership of Mr. Tony Perez, the Math Center functions as a place where OLLU Students can seek help with their math abilities. If ever you are having troubles, there is nothing wrong with getting help. That is why people like Tony are here.

Something to Entertain You!

by Sabrina Z. 

Salutations, Friends!

I have for you today some videos we put together about our Floating Arm Trebuchet. The first video dates back to May 2017, when Trebuchet 2.0 was completed. This demonstration took place for a science club for a local elementary school.

Flying Melons May 2017

This second video is about Core 4 STEM Day 2017. This city-wide event is about introducing STEM careers and degree areas to younger students and parents. As a yearly participant, OLLU wrapped the day of faculty-led interactive activities with a demonstration of Trebuchet 2.0. The lessons with this massive machine include areas of medieval history, math, and physics.

Core 4 STEM 2017 Trebuchet 2.0

If you have some down time, take a look and see the other projects that the staff of ACE and other university departments collaborate on.

Hope the summer is treating you well.

Happy Writing!



Sabrina, here!

If you are talking Math 1301 or 1304, ACE is the place for you!!

Our Math Group Study schedule is now available for the public!

Here you will find hours for the Group Study Leaders that support the classes during Tuesday/Thursday lab times. You can schedule an individual session with a GSL or come as a group. Walk-ins are ALWAYS WELCOME!

Do not hesitate to call or email ACE if you have any questions or need some help meeting with a GSL.

Happy Factoring!!

FINALS ARE COMING! Check out the Math SI Fall Schedule!

by Sabrina

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and though most people do not want to think about it…FINALS ARE COMING!

If you are sailing the rough seas of Math 1301 or 1304, check out the Fall SI Schedule below.

Sending a math SOS?? SI can help!
Sending a math SOS?? SI can help!

If you are having some trouble, attend a session. It just might be some help!

You can also download the schedule here: schedule-of-si-group-sessions-and-1304-tutors-fall-2016-updated-091216

If you are struggling, don’t ever be afraid to ask for help. An individual who asks for help when in need is of strong character.

Happy Thanksgiving, Be Safe, and Happy Studying!

School is in Session!!

by Sabrina Z.

Welcome back, Returning Students! And to our new students, Welcome to OLLU!

The halls are buzzing again with your voices. As full-time staff, we have missed you all.

We have had some exciting times at the ACE and the MFD WC this summer. We hosted SA PREP for the first time since 2008. It was a nice welcome and we had a waiting list of SA youth excited to attend the summer program at OLLU.

We also hosted two Math Matters programs over the summer. Though small in number, these incoming students had the opportunity to freshen up their math skills and find a new comfort with mathematics.

But now the summer has passed and Fall is here.

So now for some updates:

  1. We have a new consultant who we will be featuring on the blog. Please welcome Abby to OLLU. Abby started at the end of the semester. She is pursuing her MA and is a great addition to our crew.
  2. The blog will be featuring some new content that will roll out in the next week or two.
  3. SCHEDULE UPDATE: The schedule for Peer Tutoring will open up on Sept. 6th. The Writing Center schedule for Fall 2016 will open up as soon as we (I) can get availability loaded onto WC Online. Be advised: the Writing Center schedule will change over the next few weeks, so if you do not see a time that fits your schedule, it does not mean that time will never open up. We are finalizing staffing and schedules as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience as we work to get our schedules entered and made available to the public.

Our door in Library 101 is always open if you have questions or need some help with WC Online.

And mark your calendar: Student Success will be having open house across its locations on campus on Thursday September 15, from 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM. This includes ACE, Student Success Center in Moye Basement, Center for Career Development and Testing, and Service Learning and Volunteerism (who will also be participating in the Worden Building Open House on Sept. 1 from 4-6pm.

To add to the social events on your calendar, join us for the Library Lawn Extravaganza, Sept. 1, 6-8pm on the front lawn of the building (near 24th Street). Check out the flyer attached for this event.

Well, we packed a lot of information into this post, but it was info needing to be said. Thank you all for reading and make sure you bookmark our page so that you can keep up-to-date with our happenings.

Until next time, gentle readers and writers.

Onward and Upwards!

September 1, 6-8 pm. Library front lawn. FREE Drinks and Raffle!!