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Hey, Professor! Did you know you can invite ACE to your class?

by Sabrina Z.

That is right, Faculty! If you have a writing assignment that you want us to breakdown or review with your students, you can invite us to present to your class. Or if you are attending a conference but do not want to cancel a class, schedule ACE to fill in for the day.

See our flyer below for more details. Also, attached to this post is a PDF of the request form. Fill it out, save yourself a copy, and then email us a copy at

We will send you a confirmation with the consultant who will be visiting that day. The request form also features a notes section where you can describe specifics that you want us to cover. We can also meet with you to customize a presentation that connects with an assignment for the class.

MFDWC Faculty Flyer

Writing Center Presentation Request Form

If you have any questions or want even more information, contact us via email or feel free to come by ACE, Library 101.

Happy Reading & Writing!


Cram Jam 2015

cram jam 2015

Come and join us in the ACE  and in the Library Community Room from 6 PM until Midnight!

Join us for:


6:00pm: Principles of Accounting Workshop; Organic Chemistry Workshop

6:30pm: Spanish Workshop for 1411 & 1412

7:00pm: Accounting Workshop; Statistics Workshop

8:30pm: History Workshop-answering essay questions


  • Chips
  • Popcorn
  • Pan Dulce
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Games


Located in the Library Community Room

Study Challenge

Now that Fall Break is over, I encourage you to review your study schedule and consider ways to maximize your study time.  Students often overlook the small chunks of time that open up during the day for studying.  Those 30-40 minute slices of time can be power blocks for reviewing notes, brainstorming for a paper, pre-reading a chapter, or practicing a few math problems.  Research indicates that students who study in shorter but regular chunks retain more information than those who study over longer chunks of time prior to a test.  If you use your time after class to review notes, you will find that your notes make more sense.  And, after reflecting on the class as a whole, you may even be able to annotate or elaborate on portions of your notes.  This strategy can also help you to anticipate the next lesson or to formulate questions that you may have.

If you find that you work better when you collaborate or have a study buddy, you should make an appointment with a tutor at ACE.  The tutor can support your studying and suggest strategies for staying focused in a study session.  Bear in mind that recognizing your habits and determining whether or not those habits help with information retention will support you not only in one class, but in the long-term.  Learning how you learn provides a strategy you can use throughout life!

If you are currently in a first-year Math class, you should take advantage of our Supplemental Instruction Program.  SI for MATH1304INT meets every day Monday through Thursday from 5-6pm and on Monday and Wednesday 12:30-1:30pm.  SI for MATH1301INT meets Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-7:30pm.  Check with your SI leaders during Math classes to verify time and location.  Research also shows that regular attendance at SI can improve your grade up to one full letter grade.  Why not try it?

Studying challenges us and requires discipline, but it rewards us with a wealth of knowledge.  We are only at the midpoint of the term, so now is a good time to move ahead.  Challenge yourself to study and to use the resources available at OLLU to support your success.

MFD WC Fall 2015 Hours of Operation & Fall Break Hours


The MFD WC has its hours posted for the Fall 2015 semester.

Visit the MFD Writing Center in ACE, Library 101.

**For Fall Break (October 22-23), the Writing Center will have limited hours available. Please check WC Online for our schedule.**

Summer Hours for the MFD Writing Center

by Sabrina C. Zertuche

It is a foggy and humid morning today, and my hair is no longer where it was styled to be when I left home earlier.

But to focus on business…
The summer schedule for the MFD WC is now active on WC Online. Consultants will be available Mon.-Thurs 2 – 5, Fri. 9 – Noon, and Sun. 2 – 5.

Consultants are available for face-to-face, eTutoring (phone consultations), and online sessions.

OLLU also provides SmartThinking, an online tutoring service available on your portal page when you log in through the main OLLU website. SmartThinking not only offers writing assistance (for those times when we may not be available), but they also offer tutoring in other academic disciplines.

If you have any questions about the summer schedule, feel free to email us at Click on the WC Online link on the left hand side of this main page to access our schedule and book sessions.

Thank you, all, for working with us.

Happy Writing!