Spring 2019

Happy New Year! I hope you had a festive and restful winter holiday break. The Academic Center for Excellence reopened after the holiday on January 3, 2019.  The Mary Francine Writing Center consultants will resume their tutoring hours on Wednesday, January 16, 2019.  The MFD WC hours will regularize by the end of the week.  … Continue reading Spring 2019


Hey, Professor! Did you know you can invite ACE to your class?

by Sabrina Z. That is right, Faculty! If you have a writing assignment that you want us to breakdown or review with your students, you can invite us to present to your class. Or if you are attending a conference but do not want to cancel a class, schedule ACE to fill in for the … Continue reading Hey, Professor! Did you know you can invite ACE to your class?

Cram Jam 2015

Come and join us in the ACE  and in the Library Community Room from 6 PM until Midnight! Join us for: Workshops 6:00pm: Principles of Accounting Workshop; Organic Chemistry Workshop 6:30pm: Spanish Workshop for 1411 & 1412 7:00pm: Accounting Workshop; Statistics Workshop 8:30pm: History Workshop-answering essay questions Snacks Chips Popcorn Pan Dulce Hot Chocolate Coffee … Continue reading Cram Jam 2015

Study Challenge

Now that Fall Break is over, I encourage you to review your study schedule and consider ways to maximize your study time.  Students often overlook the small chunks of time that open up during the day for studying.  Those 30-40 minute slices of time can be power blocks for reviewing notes, brainstorming for a paper, … Continue reading Study Challenge