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Something to Entertain You!

by Sabrina Z. 

Salutations, Friends!

I have for you today some videos we put together about our Floating Arm Trebuchet. The first video dates back to May 2017, when Trebuchet 2.0 was completed. This demonstration took place for a science club for a local elementary school.

Flying Melons May 2017

This second video is about Core 4 STEM Day 2017. This city-wide event is about introducing STEM careers and degree areas to younger students and parents. As a yearly participant, OLLU wrapped the day of faculty-led interactive activities with a demonstration of Trebuchet 2.0. The lessons with this massive machine include areas of medieval history, math, and physics.

Core 4 STEM 2017 Trebuchet 2.0

If you have some down time, take a look and see the other projects that the staff of ACE and other university departments collaborate on.

Hope the summer is treating you well.

Happy Writing!


Ready? Set. GO, MIDTERMS!

by Sabrina 


Need a boost before midterm exams?

Check out the flyer above!

For more information on this event, please contact the Academic Center for Excellence @ (210) 431-4199 or the Student Success Center @ (210) 431-3966.

We hope to see you there!