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Summer to Fall Transition-NO Writing Center Schedule this week.

by Sabrina Z. 

Salutations, Friends!

We hope that your summer has been adventurous, peaceful, relaxing, purposeful, or whatever you chose to make it.

For those who may be looking for our writing consultants, we unfortunately do not have an open schedule this week. Transition time is important to have a strong first step, and that is why ACE is taking this week to finalize our plans for the coming academic year.

We know this situation is not ideal and that many of you are wrapping up the final week of your courses. We pay a lot of attention to how courses are scheduled; however, this week has many staff and faculty in professional development sessions and other preparation processes for the Fall semester.

At ACE, we are working on schedules for all three of our centers; meeting with consultants and tutors to finalize their goals for the semester; and doing some work around our physical location on campus.

We hope that you will understand our reasons for closing the schedule this week.

Do not forget that you have access to Smarthinking, which has an essay submission review tool. Login to your portal and look for the link in the Resources box.  We do recommend that you submit your work for review a few days before your deadline, as Smarthinking will provide feedback 24-48 hours after your submit your work.

Anyone who has personally worked with me (Sabrina) knows that if we could be available to help our students 24/7, we would! But with our jobs come some administrative duties that need to be completed regularly. One of those duties includes hiring a new writing consultant and a new graduate assistant to help serve all of our students, staff, faculty, and alumni across our San Antonio, Houston, and La Feria (RGV) sites.

We hope that you all have a safe and positive return to OLLU, whether that is in-person, online, or in a different city.

We are here for you. All of you.

Happy Writing!

P.S. We our aiming to have our Fall schedule for the Writing Center by Wednesday August 22nd, if not earlier. Please check WC Online regularly for the Fall schedule availability.


Something to Entertain You!

by Sabrina Z. 

Salutations, Friends!

I have for you today some videos we put together about our Floating Arm Trebuchet. The first video dates back to May 2017, when Trebuchet 2.0 was completed. This demonstration took place for a science club for a local elementary school.

Flying Melons May 2017

This second video is about Core 4 STEM Day 2017. This city-wide event is about introducing STEM careers and degree areas to younger students and parents. As a yearly participant, OLLU wrapped the day of faculty-led interactive activities with a demonstration of Trebuchet 2.0. The lessons with this massive machine include areas of medieval history, math, and physics.

Core 4 STEM 2017 Trebuchet 2.0

If you have some down time, take a look and see the other projects that the staff of ACE and other university departments collaborate on.

Hope the summer is treating you well.

Happy Writing!

ACE It! MFD Writing Center Summer 2018 Schedule Opening Soon!

by Sabrina Z. 

Salutations, Friends!

The MFD Writing Center Summer 2018 schedule will be opening soon. We are sorry for the delay, but we need some time to transition from the spring to summer semesters. This requires us to have our schedule approved by administration, and some time to check-in with the consultants who will be working over the summer.

Just in case anyone needs a refresher, below you will find the instructions for how to set up an appointment with the MFD Writing Center.

How to ACE it

Also, here is a downloadable PDF of those same instructions: How to ACE it

We hope you all had a great spring semester. Don’t forget to take a little break during the summer.

Happy Writing!


Flashback Friday: Pondering on Prepositions

by Sabrina 

When I was in fifth grade, my teacher gave us the daunting task to memorize a chart of prepositions and then recite them to the tune of “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” At the time, I believed this was impossible (as a young person may at that age), but the challenge drove me to do the very best that I could.

In hindsight, I appreciate the challenge set forth by my teacher because I am still able to recall a great number of prepositions from memory.

Let me state that I am not saying everyone should memorize prepositions the way I did. I included that flashback as a way to introduce today’s Flashback Friday topic.

Prepositions!! Even though I can remember many of them, I still look at preposition charts and instructions on prepositional phrases when writing. So I thought that this would be a good topic for today’s post, as it is something that everyone can appreciate a little reminder about once in a while.

Here is a link to a handy chart of prepositions and examples of how to use them: Preposition Chart
Full credit goes to St. Mary’s College of California for preparing this resourceful tool. Bookmark the chart on your computer in case you ever need a little help.

I also remember being told that I could not end a sentence with a preposition. While that used to be a standard rule of grammar and writing, we now consider that as more of a loose guideline that can be followed but also has exceptions. For more info, check out this link to Grammar Girl’s post Ending a Sentence With a Preposition.

Well readers (& writers), I hope this Flashback Friday finds you all in positive spirits. Happy Writing!

P.S. If you are in San Antonio this weekend and want something non-school related, check out the 6th Annual San Antonio Book Festival on Saturday April 7th from 9-5, held at the Central Library (600 Soledad) and Southwest School of Art. Lots of authors will be there for panels and signings, including Claudia Gray (all my Star Wars fans should know who I am talking about) and Sandra Cisneros.


Is Test Anxiety a Problem for You?

by Sabrina

Salutations, Friends!! Our Director came across a great article about student experiences with anxiety.

I wanted to share it with you all, as test anxiety is something many more people are reporting to experience. For myself, I have come to think that my test anxiety manifested in my falling asleep when I had trouble understanding material or did not know how to answer a question. Either that, or I am just always sleepy!

Check out the article here: ‘I Didn’t Know How to Ask for Help’: Stories of Students With Anxiety

Happy Writing! I hope you are all prosperous in your academic and life endeavors.