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Summer to Fall Transition-NO Writing Center Schedule this week.

by Sabrina Z. 

Salutations, Friends!

We hope that your summer has been adventurous, peaceful, relaxing, purposeful, or whatever you chose to make it.

For those who may be looking for our writing consultants, we unfortunately do not have an open schedule this week. Transition time is important to have a strong first step, and that is why ACE is taking this week to finalize our plans for the coming academic year.

We know this situation is not ideal and that many of you are wrapping up the final week of your courses. We pay a lot of attention to how courses are scheduled; however, this week has many staff and faculty in professional development sessions and other preparation processes for the Fall semester.

At ACE, we are working on schedules for all three of our centers; meeting with consultants and tutors to finalize their goals for the semester; and doing some work around our physical location on campus.

We hope that you will understand our reasons for closing the schedule this week.

Do not forget that you have access to Smarthinking, which has an essay submission review tool. Login to your portal and look for the link in the Resources box.  We do recommend that you submit your work for review a few days before your deadline, as Smarthinking will provide feedback 24-48 hours after your submit your work.

Anyone who has personally worked with me (Sabrina) knows that if we could be available to help our students 24/7, we would! But with our jobs come some administrative duties that need to be completed regularly. One of those duties includes hiring a new writing consultant and a new graduate assistant to help serve all of our students, staff, faculty, and alumni across our San Antonio, Houston, and La Feria (RGV) sites.

We hope that you all have a safe and positive return to OLLU, whether that is in-person, online, or in a different city.

We are here for you. All of you.

Happy Writing!

P.S. We our aiming to have our Fall schedule for the Writing Center by Wednesday August 22nd, if not earlier. Please check WC Online regularly for the Fall schedule availability.


ACE Easter Holiday Closures March 29-April 2

The Academic Center for Excellence (MFD Writing, Tutoring, and Math Centers) will be closed Thursday March 29 through Monday April 2 in observance of the Easter holiday.

These closures are in accordance with university policy.

If you have any questions or need to get an appointment before the holidays, contact our office or go to http://www.ollusa.mywconline.com and schedule an appointment.

Thank You and Happy Writing!



Sabrina, here!

If you are talking Math 1301 or 1304, ACE is the place for you!!

Our Math Group Study schedule is now available for the public!

Here you will find hours for the Group Study Leaders that support the classes during Tuesday/Thursday lab times. You can schedule an individual session with a GSL or come as a group. Walk-ins are ALWAYS WELCOME!

Do not hesitate to call or email ACE if you have any questions or need some help meeting with a GSL.

Happy Factoring!!

Welcome Back, OLLU! ACE’s Spring 2018 Schedules Coming Soon!

by Sabrina

Back to School is here!

The Spring 2018 semester starts on Jan. 16th, and so does the MFD Writing Center Spring 2018 schedule.

Go to http://www.ollusa.mywconline.com, register for an account using your OLLU email address (if you have not already done so), and then embrace the power to schedule sessions with consultants whenever you want!

Also, our Tutoring/Math Centers schedule will be available starting Monday Jan. 22nd. History, Spanish, Psychology (including Stats), Probability & Statistics, and Math are just some of the subjects for which we will have tutors available.

As always, we welcome our OLLU students, staff, faculty, and alumni to visit ACE anytime! Library First Floor (101) in the big glass room.

Let’s make Spring 2018 a semester of success! Onward and Upward!


Motivational Mondays: Realizing the Power of Your Decisions

decisions quote

by Jason Martinez

This week’s post is short and sweet – it’s time to make some decisions about the time left in the semester.

The clock has officially begun to countdown to the end of the semester. It’s time to begin making some decisions, and those decisions will not always be easy to make. It’s time to make decisions about your relationships, romantic or otherwise, and other potential distractions to you. We’ve explored this topic before, but each semester brings a new perspective to view a topic. Consider what it means to truly commit yourself to a decision. Consider what it means to sacrifice your time and effort and how it is applied to your goals.

This is that time to consider those possibilities. If your friends and family, those who claim to love you and want the best from you, understand your decisions and reasons for reducing your time with them and increasing your time in the library or with study groups, then they will ask what they can do to contribute to your success. If you encounter resistance, perhaps it is time to re-evaluate your relationships and consider how they will affect your future.

You have control over your life, and an important part of that control is making decisions and living with the consequences, all in service of your future success. Look inwards for the strength to make the right decisions.